Sole Power Award

The Las Vegas Rotary Club has a tradition of thanking each week’s speaker at our meeting with a certificate in their name for a pair of shoes and socks to a needy child in our community. The Club has worked with one school for over a decade, and added a second one about three years ago as designated places to give the children the shoes. Walter Bracken Magnet School and Will Beckley Elementary Schools were selected especially because they were named after two 1923 founders of our club. The schools each determine which children badly need the new shoes, and send us lists of sizes, genders, and names.

The Sole Power Committee then goes to a local Payless Shoe Store which has graciously sold us the shoes and socks wholesale. We take in the lists, and a check to cover the costs, and pick out the shoes. We strongly prefer shoes with laces as they seem to fit better. We then deliver the shoes to the really grateful schools and the children. It is a rewarding experience for all concerned.This is a part of our extensive volunteer efforts at both schools.

The Las Vegas Rotary Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our tax I.D. number is 88-0403571

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