President Albert H. Purdue

During the 1979-80 presidential period, Albert H. Purdue led the club.  Bert was fortunate to have been president during the seventy-fifth anniversary of Rotary, which coincidentally was also the seventy-fifth anniversary of the City of Las Vegas.  Programs appropriate to the two birthdays highlighted the part of the Las Vegas Rotary Club played in the growth and development of the city.  During Bert’s administration, the club continued its work in the development of the Joe Shoong Park for the handicapped, and increased its total donations to The Rotary Foundation by one-third.

A highlight of Bert’s year was the acquisition of title to a city owned parcel originally set aside for park purposes under agreements worked out between the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Rotary Club.  This acquisition has given the club a substantial source of funds, for the property has been leased to private enterprise for a period of fifty years.  The funds made available by the lease have been pledged to youth projects.

The Las Vegas Rotary Foundation, Inc. (“LVRF”) is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State and qualified by the Internal Revenue Services as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 88-0403571). Established in 1998, LVRF supports the Las Vegas Rotary Club. Las Vegas Rotary’s mission is “teaching youth to succeed through literacy, education & life skills development.” Your charitable contribution to LVRF is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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