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Las Vegas Rotary Club
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New Member Welcome

At the time you are inducted into the Rotary Club of Las Vegas, you automatically become a member of the TWENTY-FIVE CLUB. This club consists of the newest members of the Rotary Club as of July 1 of that Rotary year.

During the course of the year, new members are added to the list of Twenty-Five Club members. This club serves as an introduction to the world of Rotary and is a vehicle to facilitate smooth assimilation of new members into Rotary.


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Current Officers of the 25 Club

Larry Tomsic, President
Anil Melnick, Vice President

Randy Roberts, Secretary

The Twenty-Five Club meets separately once a month, the first Thursday of each month, 30-minutes prior to the weekly Rotary Club meeting. Attendance at these meetings is important to the development of Rotary fellowship.

To be eligible to "graduate" (rotate out) from the Twenty-Five Club, members must have performed 25 duties and attended a minimum of 18 meetings. It is anticipated that this should be accomplished over a two-year time frame. Upon completion of the minimum duties, members will go into a pool to rotate out on a first in/first out method based on new members being admitted. Throughout the year the Twenty-Five Club enjoys its own social functions so that we may have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of many Rotarians. We extend a warm "WELCOME" to you.



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